Computer Security Lab

LaSER is a research structure of the Department of Computer Science at University of Milan, Italy. The main aim is to teach system security and perform research in the security area.

On October 3rd, at 2 PM, a presentation of CISPA will be held in via Comelico (aula Alfa). Everyone with interest in computer security and cryptography is invited.


The research is focused on system computer security. Our interests range from vulnerability analysis to malware analysis and intrusion detection systems.



Our research projects are released under open source licenses. The projects cover different technologies applied to the security field.


CTF contests

Members of our research group partecipate to several CTF contests, in order to practically improve their attacking and defending skills.


Theses proposals

The lab offers several theses proposals for both B.Sc. and M.Sc. students, in various fields of computer security.