Giampaolo Fresi Roglia


Contact info

Address Dipartimento di Informatica e Comunicazione
Università degli Studi di Milano
Via Comelico 39/41
20135 Milano (IT)
Phone+39 0250316362
GPG Key0x92E1D912 (fingerprint: 81A1 A9CE 14CE 443F 6D68 54E4 827C 53C7 92E1 D912)
To retrieve it with GPG: "gpg --keyserver --recv-key 92E1D912"

About myself

I got my Ph.D. in Computer Science on June 15, 2011 from the Universita' degli Studi di Milano, in the Computer and Network Security Lab. My Ph.D. thesis is titled "Threats on Real, Emulated and Virtualized Intel x86 Machine Code Execution" (PDF)

I got my M.Sc. degree in Computer Science on October 10, 2006 at the Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca (University of Milan Bicocca, Italy) with a final grade of 103/110.

The work I did for my M.Sc. thesis is titled "Study and Implementation of an Anomaly Based Network Intrusion Detection System" (available in Italian language only).




KEmuFuzzer is protocol-specific fuzzer for system virtual machines. KEmuFuzzer generates floppy images to boot a virtual machine and to execute a specific test-case. The same test-case is executed also in an oracle, based on hardware-assisted virtualization. The states obtained are compared to detect defects in the virtual machine. Test-cases are generated using a special compiler that applies certain mutations before compiling.
The source code of the project is released under the GPLv3 license and is available online on KEmuFuzzer homepage.
KEmuFuzzer is developed by Lorenzo Martignoni, Roberto Paleari, and Giampaolo Fresi Roglia


EmuFuzzer is a fuzzer for CPU emulators. EmuFuzzer "stresses" a CPU emulator with specially crafted test-cases, representing registers and memory configurations, to verify whether the CPU is properly emulated or not. EmuFuzzer detects improper behaviours of the emulator by running the same test-case concurrently on the emulated and on the physical CPUs and by comparing the state of the two after the execution. Differences in the state testify defects in the code of the emulator.
Currently EmuFuzzer supports the following CPU emulators: For more details see the paper Testing CPU emulators.
EmuFuzzer is developed by Lorenzo Martignoni, Roberto Paleari, and Giampaolo Fresi Roglia



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